The MT-LB (Russian: Многоцелевой Тягач Легкий Бронированный, Mnogotselevoy Tyagach Legky Bronirovanny / Multi-Purpose Towing Vehicle Light Armoured) is a Soviet multi-purpose fully amphibious auxiliary armored tracked vehicle, which was first introduced in the late 1960s. Initially, the vehicle was known as the M 1970 in the west.


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图片 MT-LB 9p149 Shturm-s反坦克导弹发射车

MT-LB 9p149 Shturm-s反坦克导弹发射车

图片 MT-LB 9A35 strela-10防空导弹发射车

MT-LB 9A35 strela-10防空导弹发射车

图片 俄罗斯MT-LB 6MA型轻型多用途履带装甲车

俄罗斯MT-LB 6MA型轻型多用途履带装甲车

图片 俄罗斯MT-LB 6M1B3型轻型多用途履带装甲车

俄罗斯MT-LB 6M1B3型轻型多用途履带装甲车

图片 俄罗斯MT-LB 6MB型轻型多用途履带装甲车

俄罗斯MT-LB 6MB型轻型多用途履带装甲车

图片 苏联mtlb多用途装甲车